A limited 1/1 NFT collection of four unique digital sculptures.
"Echoes" champion the fragility and resilience of our human nature during chaos.
Uniquely scored soundscapes invite the audience in.
Sculpted and rendered entirely in Zbrush by Rodolfo Fanti.


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In 2020 humanity witnessed a catastrophe which altered the way we lived, loved and communicated...


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The "other" became a threat. Our very own "being human" and "being together" were muted...


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"I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask, 'Mother, what was war?'" - Eve MerriamThe echoes of separation manifested in the atrocity of war.
Visuals sculpted by Rodolfo Fanti and soundscape authored by composer Mauro Corbia.
"This is war" wants to make art matter.
100% of the primary sale supports the work of Voices of Children.

4th sculpture To be released...

About the artist

Rodolfo Fanti, Italian digital sculptor and 3d artist, has worked for over a decade as a VFX professional for the film and videogames industry.
He worked on a variety of titles including: Spiderman - Far From Home, Matrix Resurrections, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and many more.
He researches humanity and its mosaic of emotions through his new sculpture manifesto, Digital Clay.